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David Changaris, an experienced Neurosurgeon and dedicated student of the human body, began this quest for his beloved wife. Plagued by skin allergies, eczema, irritation, and breakouts, she was left frustrated. Nothing on the market could solve her problems. Thus, David began studying skin care and the gut microbiome. He discovered Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) was the answer. The hidden superpower of CLA just may be the answer for you too.

Throughout his journey, he has been granted a dozen US patents that teach the path to skin health through harmony with gut and skin biome. One oil CLA from safflower provides a hidden super power to help the skin and gut biome play nice with your body. Hard science. Soft experience. CLA creates and re-creates strong clear boundaries between you and your biome. It literally blocks the chemical messengers before they can cause problems. Skincare products include other edible luxurious ingredients such as olive oil and black currant oil to name a few. The entire line contains ingredients that are all needed, edible, vegan, non-GMO, allergen free, and preservative free. David, as a biochemist, chose the ingredients that nourish health and beauty. These literally keep Candida and other fungi from becoming invasive...even within the sea of bacteria and fungus that surrounds us. This means you can look your healthy best when you tame your microbiome. Try Ceela Naturals today to finally see the true you. Without antibiotics and antifungals. Ceela provides a path through the toughest concerns.

David Changaris, MD

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Customer Love: we ban synthetic preservatives and 10+common allergens

I can't thank Ceela Naturals enough! As someone who battled redness, itchiness, and troublesome skin for years, their CLA-infused skincare truly works wonders. In just a few weeks, I've seen remarkable improvements. My skin feels calmer, smoother, and incredibly resilient. Ceela Naturals is a game-changer!

Sarah S

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