Common Allergen and Corn Free Salon
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Our common allergen and corn free salon will bring you peace and calm.

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Medical Office Building next to Kindred Hospital for Skin Care

Ceela Naturals Salon
801 Barret Ave #214
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Ceela Naturals means anti-aging, vegan and about as non-GMO as you can get and still be honest. Organic products when proven safe.


“Paleo” friendly:  We have no GMO-grain products in our salon.


Ceela delivers the protein, vitamins, and great nutrition that provides the core of the “Paleo” diet.

We offer Ceela Naturals Skin Care products. These are made with the safest, least allergic ingredients.They are made with polyunsaturated oils, proteins, hydrating agents,  and vitamins. These offer a unique opportunity to restore your skin with wholesome support. All the ingredients in Ceela are found in our ideal diet.

Common Allergen and Corn Free Salon