Unhappy With the Skin You’re in?

Achieve Cleaner, Clearer, and More Beautiful Skin Naturally.

We have a solution if your skin is itchy, acne-prone, or you suffer from eczema, dermatitis, or other skin allergies and eruptions.

Ceela Naturals' Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)-based skin products help with redness, itching, scaly patches, blotches, and other unsightly skin blemishes on your face, body, and scalp. 

Ceela helps your skin look better in a few weeks:

Your skin looks less red and itchy.

Make rough and odd spots on your skin look better.

Help keep your skin's outer layer looking strong. Read our story.


Common-Allergen Free








What is Conjugated Linoleic Acid?

CLA is produced in the rumen of animals like cattle, sheep, goats. The greatest concentration is in dairy and meat of grass-fed animals. Most CLA produced today is made from safflower oil. There are over twenty variations of CLA with slightly different structures.


Our cleaning products are made with our patent pending Non-GMO CLA. These products act as a pre-biotic support for cleansing and supporting natural skin balance.

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Our skin protection products contain olive Squalane to support the skin's natural molecular barriers. Aging skin produces less of this natural protecting and moisturizing molecule.

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CLA and other natural oils help nourish skin.  Scientists report it has antiaging benefits. Your skin will feel smoother and simply beautiful.

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Healthy Skin

My name is David Changaris, I am a Neurosurgeon by training and a dedicated student of the human body. The path to achieving healthy skin seemed to be never ending for my wife. Plagued by skin allergies, eczema, irritation, and breakouts her quest for cleaner and clearer skin was a daily frustration. As a physician and medical researcher, I was frustrated because there was no “magic bullet” that would end the problem. That is what led me to begin studying skin care, the skin and gut microbiome, and the effect of various chemicals on the body.

In that quest I have learned more about the stunning design of the human body, have been granted several patents, and have developed a line of skin care products that have helped many people and may be of help to you as you seek to have cleaner, clearer and even more beautiful skin.

David Changaris, MD