Science Based

Our products are free of common allergens. We do not use any chemical preservatives, emulsifiers, or detergents. Our products are vegan and organic. We do not add fragrances. Where beneficial we use CLA (conjugated Linoleic Acid) in our formulations.

Quorum Sensing

Bacteria, yeast, and fungi use a cell-to-cell communication system that scientists call Quorum Sensing. Quorum Sensing allows microorganisms to “communicate” and “coordinate” behaviors including the signal to create biofilm. Biofilm formation is one of the necessary requirements for microorganism adhesion and growth. The formation of biofilm by the bacteria and fungi comprising the microbiome of human skin greatly reduces the efficacy of cleaning agents and pharmaceuticals. This suggests that Quorum Sensing signal disruption could be an effective means to prevent pathogens from forming biofilm, thus increasing the efficacy of cleaning agents, antibiotics, and anti-fungal medications. A soap with the right concentration of CLA could help disrupt Quorum Sensing communication, prevent pathogin biofilm formation, and reduce existing pathogenic biofilm.