Experience the Ceela Difference:

Simple Science + Pure Ingredients = Beautiful, Healthy Skin

Ceela Naturals was born by the challenge to create 100% vegan skin nourishment creams with NO toxic chemicals perfect for all, especially for allergy sufferers or those suffering from eczema and atopic dermatitis. Voila! A scientific breakthrough occurred by blending naturally occurring amino acids together with CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), hence “Ceela,” resulting in a beautiful creamy emulsion not chemically bound together by harmful, toxic surfactants and petrochemicals found in nearly all creams and lotions today. This revolutionary, patented technology provides a stable emulsion from which all Ceela Naturals cream formulas are based. It is literally purity you can eat!


CLA Magic

CLA is truly a skin care superstar ingredient. It comes from the safflower plant. Skin care products typically use safflower oil for its moisturizing properties. It is simply amazing at this moisturization.

The real magic happens when CLA is extracted and applied to skin. This naturally nourishing plant extract is a form of fatty acid, that when applied to skin, helps to retain moisture, encourage cellular turnover for smoother skin, slow the visible aging process, and support collagen structures.

But how exactly does this new power agent work? CLA loves and holds onto water better than any other vegan oil, so when absorbed, skin becomes ultra-supple and hydrated. This allows skin to maintain youthful contours and fullness, a tremendous anti-aging benefit. The result is moisturized, smooth, supple skin that defies the aging process!

CLA also acts as a natural anti-microbial agent, which keeps the Ceela Natural formulas stable in air-tight packaging.