The Ceela Difference: Deeper Integrity

The Ceela Difference: Deeper Integrity

Everything in Ceela you can buy as nutritional supplement

The Ceela Difference: Deeper Integrity by  using important plant oils, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.  That’s it. Skincare does not get much cleaner.  We have no artificial surfactants or detergents, found in most skincare. Absolutely nothing dubious. Why put things on your skin you would not eat. And things that do not have a safety record.  Look at our ingredients. Any nutritionist or even a body builder will recognize these simple body building ingredients.

Ceela began as a moisturizer for those who receive ultraviolet treatments for Psoriasis.

Dr.  Changaris was developing novel ultraviolet light treatments for psoriasis: He noticed their skin gets very dry.

But when he looked at the available moisturizers, he had a problem. There was not one safe enough to use during ultraviolet light therapy. So he decided to make one. He began with the safest ingredients possible:  plant oils, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals .

He refused to use any artificial surfactants which everyone else believed was essential to making a cream moisturizer. As a biochemist and a photobiologist he believed that artificial surfactants have a potential for causing skin cancer during ultraviolet treatments. During this journey Dr. C discovered that Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), an important oil for health, will mix with water and make a cream. No surfactants needed. It took him 10 years to develop a system that could be sold to the public with acceptable shelf life. This was patented by the USPTO.

Ceela Became Common Food Allergen Free 2005 to solve a growing problem

In 2005,  Mrs. Changaris came home looking like she slept in a Poison Ivy Patch. Her physician had given her a soy containing  skin product.  So, Ceela developed the first soy free, common food allergen free skincare.

Since 2005 the world has awakened to  the problems common food allergens can cause skin. Ceela Difference: Deeper Integrity

Consider that now the world has discovered that putting common food allergens on your skin can make you food allergic. Back then few physicians believed that skincare could cause problems with wheat, soy, corn, dairy, eggs, shell fish, fish. Finally, we know if you put these on eczema or atopic dermatitis you are likely to develop a food allergy. The Ceela Difference: Deeper Integrity by keeping allergens from causing future and present problems.

CLA discovered to be Anti-bacterial and Anti-Fungal

We discovered along the way, CLA  has in vitro powerful effects on methacillin resistant staphylococcus aureus. It also keeps many other human pathogens including fungus and molds. While Ceela has no FDA claims for the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) CLA oil,  we believe it can really help skin in a big way. We were awarded another US patent for this discovery.

In summary The Ceela Difference: Deeper Integrity means simple ingredient skincare. We have nothing dubious in Ceela. And by luck we have learned that CLA helps restore  and soothe skin in dramatic ways. 


Please note that none of these statements have been reviewed by the US FDA.  We are making no claims that conjugated linoleic acid can diagnose or treat disease.