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Organic Body Armor Vaseline Alternative 100% Plant Based


Vaseline Alternative: Ultimate Body Oil with Allantoin offers skin support for the most challenged skin. Leaves skin feeling silky smooth. Protects skin

Best used within 6 months after opening.

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Organic Body Armor Vaseline Alternative 100% Plant Based


Organic Body Armor Vaseline Alternative 100% Plant Based

Most noteworthy, our Organic Body Armor Vaseline Alternative works. It soothes with an ultra-soft finish. Apply after washing and rinsing. Everyone deserves calm, beautiful skin.

Body Armor: Vaseline Alternative 100% Plant Based

Therefore many people find Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly the only skin product they can use. Body Armor is an all-natural, pleasant alternative to Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly. Body Armor easily penetrates the skin and has a silky smooth finish. We promise you will love the soft feeling of this oil.

Allantoin: Ultimate Skin Sooth

Above all else, we have added Allantoin to our already popular Eczema Care and Body Oil 44 to boost its effects. This ingredient plays an important part in skin care. The lists 96 patents with allantoin and it has the safest grade possible in the Environmental Work Group Database. We offer this proprietary “organogel” oil as “silk” for “silky skin”.

Our Finally, Advanced Bland Skincare Rating means we really care. We have no synthetic surfactants. Nor do we have SLS, SLES or estrogen mimics like parabens. And we have no common food allergens. In conclusion, Even our dedicated facility never shares equipment with common food allergens or SLS.



Additional information

Weight226 g


Organic Body Armor: Complete List of All Natural Ingredients


Sunflower Oil
Rice Oil
Black Currant Oil



8 oz (226g)


How to Use


Shake before use. After washing with Ceela Cleansers, rinse and pat skin dry. Apply Body Armor to skin (a little goes a long way). Smooth and massage into skin until fully absorbed.



  • Vegan, aroma-free, common food allergen-free, sesame & corn-free
  • Free of all irritants and dubious chemicals (every ingredient we use is 100% safe)
  • Effective and as healthy a product as you will get


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