Just 3 Plus All•Skin•Types


Just 3 Plus designed as the simplest natural-eczema moisturizer.


Natural hydrating eczema cream contains only safflower rice olive plus glycine. Clearly the basics. This cream moisturizer provides nutrient dense ‘Just 3’ eco-friendly plant sourced ingredients.


The Just 3 contains only extracts from Rice, Olives, and Safflowers PLUS Glycine. Glycine comprises 30% of collagen. Therefore glycine plays a well known and powerful role in skin health. It naturally occurs in collagen and serves a powerful skin hydrator in skin care. Fewer ingredients reduce any possibility of reaction or allergic response.




• Aroma-free, common-allergen, corn-free soothing skin hydration.

• Promotes healthy looking skin. Glycine provides deep nourishing hydration. It helps restore that healthy look of great skin.

• Vegan Omega 3 oil from Rice has a long history of naturopathic understanding.

• CLA extract from the Safflower plant is a water-loving oil, providing new level of maximum hydration.




Apply to clean, dry skin. Dab pea-size amount on forehead, cheeks,
chin and neck. Smooth and press into skin until fully absorbed. Spritz or apply warm moist cloth for maximum hydration.


For those with multiple skin problems, we strongly recommend thoroughly cleansing with Face or Body products followed by application of MagiCalm+ mask for 1-2 minutes to restore skin balance. Rinse well and pat skin dry. Follow with moisturizer of choice for face or body.

With multiple skin cream problems please check our Eczema Atopic Test Kit.


We also find the “Dab and Press” approach helpful for applying our rich creams. Warming the cream in your hand can further soften the application.


Best used within 3 months after opening.


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To begin with, our all  skin type natural-eczema-moisturizer contains only safflower, rice, olive oils plus glycine.


The Just series represent the minimalist approach to allergies. Technically the cream with the fewest ingredients is least likely to cause an allergic response. The smartest allergists recommend Common-Allergen-Free Skin Care.This happened because they discovered that people with impaired barrier function can develop food intolerance from skin care.


Therefore, with only 3 plant sources for ingredients this remains one of the least likely creams to cause an allergic response. However may skin responses such as burning and itching may be due to your microbiome. Recommend those with multiple cream intolerance to try the Eczema Atopic Test Kit.


Complete List of All Natural Ingredients


Andalusian Glycerin, from Olive

Isomerized Linoleic Acid (CLA from Safflower)


Squalane from Olive

Rice extracts

1 oz (28.3g)

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Weight1 oz
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