Magicalm Soothes Challenged Skin

Magicalm Powder Glycerin Free


Magicalm For All Skin Types


  • Brings immediate soothing to stressed angry skin

First, This magnesium and olive-glycerin-rich cream soothes and calms even the most challenged, sensitive skin. It restores the moisture balance of your skin, leaving it naturally balanced, soft and hydrated.

How to Use

Place small amount of MagiCalm+ in palm. Add water to dilute and create creamy paste. Apply as a thin mask for 1-2 minutes and rinse. You are ready for creams.


Apply thin layer to clean face and neck, including eye area. Leave on 1-2” then rinse thoroughly. Your skin will feel balanced, calm and hydrated. Use as often as needed to soothe and calm skin, especially after exfoliation.


See below for the Complete List of  Ingredients.

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Product Description

Magicalm Soothes Challenged Skin

First, when recovering skin fails, MagiCalm soothes challenged Sskin. This powder formula gets activated by adding water to make a paste (1/4 teaspoon powder in 1 teaspoon water). Apply a thin coat for 30-60 seconds over any extremity or face. Wash off with tap water.  This cleans and calms your skin. If you have chronic skin concerns this mask will reset your skin to a normal.

Magnesium mask helps in the pro-biotic health of your skin. Magnesium is part of our body and helps balance hundreds of events in our body. Most notably, magnesium truly calms our skin.

If you have challenged skin, cleansing your skin to eliminate or reduce your “biome”  before applying creams can really help. Magnesium remains one of the simplest and powerful ways to deep cleanse your skin.

Ceela recommends

  • using this mask for the most sensitive problem prone skin, as part of your cleansing routine before applying moisturizing creams.
  • If you exfoliate regularly then this mask will truly calm your skin after your Resolve & Renew or Clean S application.

Magicalm Soothes Challenged Skin. If every cream makes your skin irritated or red in minutes to hours, preparing your skin with Magicalm may be the best thing you have ever tried. Magicalm cleans your skin in special ways.
Post-exfoliation Magicalm Soothes Challenged Skin. After Resolve & Renew or Clean S, the application of Magicalm brings back normal feeling skin. Either before application of cream or after exfoliation your skin will feel great.  We recommend water to make a perfect salve for your skin with the powder. For the added hydration try Magicalm+. About 1/4 teaspoon in a half teaspoon of water will cover a face.


Complete List of Ingredients All Natural

Organic Rice Powder

Magnesium Hydroxide

0.4 oz (10g)


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