Magicalm Plus •Olive•Glycerin•


Magicalm+ Mask Skin Prep (100% Olive Glycerin)

Also Available in powder form, Magicalm+.


All Skin Types
Soothes, Cleanses, Hydrates

This Magnesium-rich glycerin formula soothes and calms your skin before applying your cream. Magicalm+ helps beautify and soften skin by hydrating. After exfoliation or similar skin challenges a magic calm ensues.


MagiCalm+ restores natural, healthy hydration. The magic of magnesium plus the purest-grade olive glycerin balances, calms, softens and hydrates skin. So it prepares your skin for cream formulations.


Provides eczema and atopic dermatitis support and relief without the “Top 8” plus corn allergens.


If you have a history of skin care causing discomfort, burning or itching, consider your skin microbiome may be disordered. Magicalm helps cleanse your skin to restore the natural, healthy appearance of skin. This simple salve of magnesium, and pure olive glycerin calms, softens and hydrates skin. This prepares your skin for Ceela creams. If you reduce your microbiome by careful cleansing you reduce the risk of having your microbiome having explosive growth with our nutrient creams. All cleansing does this to some extent. Magicalm+ does this simply without the common allergens.


How to Use


Apply after exfoliation or for eczema relief. Brings immediate soothing and calming to stressed, irritated skin. Place small amount in palm, add water to create creamy paste. Apply thin layer to face and neck, including eye area. Leave on 1-2 minutes. Rinse with water, pat dry. Follow with Ceela Skin Nourishing Creams. Use as needed. Do not ingest or allow children access to this product.


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Magicalm plus offers best  glycerin possible: Why and How?

First, a  reality check: Magicalm plus offers the best glycerin possible.

Why? Because all so called “vegetable” glycerin probably contains animal glycerin.  All The factories that make USP and non-USP glycerin mix animal remains with plant oil remains in the process of making biodiesel fuel. Glycerin is the by-product of bio-diesel fuel production. 

Did you know that “peanut butter” only needs  “90% peanuts ” to be legally labelled “peanut butter”. The rest is hydrogenated fats in most commercially availble “peanut butter”. Less than 90 percent peanuts and it has to be called “peanut butter spread”.

There is no legal definition of “vegetable glycerin”. It can be any percentage vegetable source. So technically you could have glycerin from a pig that had just eaten soy beans. This pig glycerin could be called “vegetable”.  This truth changes things.


How? Because we can prove our glycerin comes  from olives grown in Cordoba Spain. We at Ceela have visited the orchard. And we met the owner. Yes we traveled all the way to Spain.

These orchards produce the highest purity glycerin in the world. This glycerin is 100% from olives. It comes from a single orchard centuries old in central Spain, sometimes called Andalusia.

Another point, our skin absorbs glycerin easily. Therefore, we are happy that magicalm plus offers best glycerin possible with the following properties:

  • Humectant means it absorbs water into the skin;

  • Emollient means that it softens skin.

Magicalm plus contains enough glycerin to make a paste. We put this paste in a tube for you.  If you put a 1/4 inch expressed from the tube and add water, you make truly calming mask.

Magicalm plus offers best  glycerin possible for immediate spreadability

Put a small amount of Magicalm plus in your palm. Then dilute the paste with water to create a pleasant mask. In addition this will have the calming effect of magnesium. Glycerin truly nourishes and hydrates our skin. Most people notice a softening of the skin (emollient effect)  Another characteristic of glycerin includes a powerful hydration effect.

Complete List of Ingredients All Natural

Andalusian Olive Glycerin

Magnesium Hydroxide

Organic Rice Powder


4.6oz (131g)


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