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Body Cream offers pure nutrient skin hydration for delicate dry sensitive skin.


This rich body cream offers pure nutrient hydration for even the most demanding skin. Body delivers all the important Ceela oils, vitamins and the collagen building block Glycine in abundance to promote skin health and balance.


Enriched with CLA from Safflowers, and Vitamin F, you can experience this powerful oil for skin beauty first hand! Vegan Omega 3 oils come from Kiwi fruit and Chia and this rich natural cream also supplies powerful anti-oxidant Rice Bran tocotrienols (Vitamin E).


As always, Ceela products contain no soy, corn, animal or dairy products and remains entirely gluten-free.




Apply to clean, dry skin. Dab pea-size amounts on body, forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Smooth and press into skin until fully absorbed. Spritz or warm cloth to enhance moisture retention. May be used daily for all-over smoothing, or applied as a spot treatment where needed.


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Body Cream Offers Pure Nutrient skin hydration for delicate dry sensitive skin.


First, Body cream offers pure nutrition for the most demanding skin. Many oils, vitamins and collagen building block Glycine contribute to this nutrient dense product. It remains entirely gluten free. Finally,it it contains Omega 3 oils from from Kiwi and Chia. This Vegan Omega-3-Rich natural cream supplies powerful anti-oxidant Rice Bran tocotrienols (Vitamin E). Concluding with the Ceela core values this nutrient dense skin cream has no soy, corn, animal or dairy products.

Complete List of Ingredients All Natural


Glycerin from Olive

Sunflower Oil

Isomerized Linoleate (CLA enriched Safflower)


Squalane from Olive

Chia Oil

Kiwi Oil

Rice Extracts

16 oz (454 g)

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Ceela body lotion is the perfect way to hydrate, nourish, and renew dry cracked skin. A thin layer restores moisture and nutrients that the skin needs to be healthy and hydrated. With continued use, Ceela body lotion will improve the condition of the skin by restoring proper moisture and nutrient levels. Perfect for even the most sensitized skin, all skin types can benefit from Ceela body lotion.

    For best application, I recommend applying Ceela body lotion after showering, while the skin is still warm. Apply a dime size amount to finger tips and pat onto skin, as the product warms on the skin it will spread more easily.

    Lindsay Chesak, Licensed Esthetician

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