Normal Dry Kit

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Our All Natural hydrating dry skin kit for everyone. Choose Normal to Oily Kit instead.

Pure and simple ingredients make our All Natural Hydrating Delicate Dry Skin Kit for everyone with dry skin. These natural ingredients help you reduce the risk of an allergic response by avoiding common allergens and corn. And consider that your microbiome may be causing your itching and burning with other creams.


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Hydrating Delicate-Dry Skin Kit: All Natural Eczema Choose Normal to Oily Kit instead.

Above all others, we recommend our all natural hydrating delicate dry skin kit. All our products are Vegan as well as Gluten, Soy, Nut, Dairy, Corn Cruelty Free. If you want natural pure ingredients then you want Ceela. We have no dubious chemicals.

Please consider, we believe that our microbiome affects how creams are tolerated. Some bacteria and mold like to eat certain ingredients. So you have a choice of never putting creams on, getting rid of your current microbiome, or simply cleansing thoroughly.

Therefore we recommend really cleaning your skin. We have found a simple regimen of cleaning discussed in our Eczema-Atopic Skin Test Kit. Wash thoroughly with Clean Face, rinse thoroughly. Follow with a thin mask of Magicalm or Magicalm plus for a minute or so. Again rinse thoroughly. After drying apply your favorite Ceela cream.

Follow our “dab and spread” application process. You can warm the cream in your hand to relax the creams further. Finally  please review our Eczema Atopy Test Kit guidelines. 

Complete List of All Natural Ingredients


Essential Protein Building Amines



Kiwi Omega 3
Black Currant Oil omega 3
Safflower Omega 6,9
Sunflower Omega 6
Chia Omega 3
Olive (Squalane) C-30 ultra long chained oils


Vit C
Vit E tocotrienol from Rice
Vit B5 Panthenol



Irish Carrageenan
Andalusian Olive Glycerin

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