Help Fussy Skin with Tone-Magicalm


The products in the Tone-Magicalm category help fussy skin before cream application or after exfoliation.


So, every cream makes your skin irritated or red in minutes to hours.  Deep cleansing and masking can help you.  Simply applying Magicalm may change your life. Magicalm calms your skin in special ways.


  • As part of your routine toning-cleansing, adding a moment to apply and rinse the Magicalm mask will restore calm to your skin.
  • Post-exfoliating calming of skin. After Resolve & Renew or Clean S, the application of Magicalm may bring you back to normal feeling skin.


Either before application of cream or after exfoliation your skin will feel great with a Magicalm mask.  Therefore, we recommend tap water to make a perfect salve for your skin with the powder. About 1/4 teaspoon to a  teaspoon of water will cover a face.


Products fit in Daily Routine


Tone represents a  classic deep cleanse with organic Witch Hazel.


Magicalm Powder contains magnesium hydroxide and organic rice powder that you add water to make a mask. Apply a thin layer for 1-3 minutes and wash off with water.


Magicalm+ contains a generous proportion of Olive Glycerin to give those who prefer a paste over a powder a choice. Squeeze about 1/4 inch from the tube into your palm. Add a little tap water, about 1 teaspoon to soften the mask. Apply for 30-60 seconds and rinse.


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