Natural Facial Creams

Natural Facial Creams Containing Only Things in Our Bodies


Yes, Ceela offers natural facial creams with no dubious ingredients. If you find an ingredient on our cream bottles you will find it in our body. Remember, especially with respect to creams: if it is on you it is in you. Using surfactants/detergents developed for vaccines just makes no sense.


All the components of safflower, rice, olive, vitamins, and amines can be found in us. Things like glycerol… we have pounds of this in our body. Things like oleic, linoleic oils are all in our body. So our body really likes the ingredients found in Ceela’s natural facial creams.


Other manufactures use many ingredients that exist only in your cream jar. Our bodies cannot recognize these and often have bizarre reactions. Like the detergents/surfactants used in every cream besides Ceela. When people finally figure this out, first they are angry. Many go into full scale denial.


Four Classes of Skin Creams


Eye Care.  First this gentle and effective hydrating cream for the delicate skin folds around the eye nourishes and hydrates. It contains hyaluronic acid, black currant oil, vitamin C, and important branch chained amino acids. Your skin appreciates this. And again no bizarre dubious chemical ingredients in our natural facial creams. Above all else, black currant oil remains the most powerful antioxidant we have ever seen.


Hydrate for Face  In Fact contains many essential amino acids and collagen supporting amino acids. It also contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. We offer omega 3 support thru Kiwi oil. Available in both dry and oily formulations.


Just Series. Finally a simple cream made to reduce the potential of an allergic response causing itching and redness. We believe some of us have bacteria fully capable of digesting most skin care. By using our Cleansing and Magicalm Mask you can reduce the number of bacteria and fungi on your skin. In conclusion, applying creams to patch test on the forearm make for informed personal choices.


Just 7 with only 7 ingredients: your choice of Kiwi or chia for omega 3 sourcing. Just 3+ has only three plants: safflower, olive and rice. We add glycine to help hydrate your skin.


Body Cream represents our richest and most complex cream. Use sparingly. It truly nourishes hands making a clear improvement in problem areas of dryness. Finally, while not a facial cream, it has all the natural facial cream qualities.


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