Eczema Atopic Test Kit Cleans Deeply

Do you need an eczema atopic test kit?

You need an Eczema Atopic Test Kit if anyone in your family has rashes.

Skin has a microbiome (several hundred thousand skin bacteria and mold). Some of these are not very nice
and grow as skin creams absorb. You would feel burning or itching after applying creams if they multiplied.

Why do I Itch after putting creams on my skin?

Try this who-dun-it as if  you worked for the Ms. Marple Detective Agency:

Ms. Norma asked  to see the famous detective Ms. Marple. The husband of Ms. Norma  had gifted a jar of skin  cream.  Was her husband trying to do her in?

The cream smelled nice and spread nicely. But 4 hours later her face and neck itched and burned. Ms. Norma washed it off and the itching went away.  The next day Ms. Norma was back to her old self, and went to see Ms. Marple.

So Ms. Marple took the jar of cream and sent it to her cosmetic lab. The lab found the usual oils but no poison.

Having a deep understanding of allergies and immunity, Ms. Marple reviewed the timing.

The nephew has a peanut allergy. She has s special epinephrine syringe for this child. If none is available within minutes the child will have trouble breathing.

The brother has a poison ivy allergy. He likes to photograph birds. When they vacation at the family estate her brother always returns from his deep fores expeditions every 4 hours to bathe with the family lye soap. He knows that  he must not fail to do this.  If he does, then the next day he will have blisters from his exposure to poison ivy.

Therefore she thought, the victim developed symptoms at 4 hours, not in minutes or the next day. So what happened to Ms. Norma did not sound like an allergic or an immune response.

As the day progressed, Ms. Marple advised the anxious Ms. Norma to attend the eczema clinic down the block. The world famous physician advised Ms. Norma to take dilute bleach baths or wash her skin extensively before applying creams. Or even use Ceela Naturals’ eczema atopic test kit.

Ms. Norma Loses Lucrative Sequel Contract due to  Ceela’s eczema atopic test kit.

By careful cleaning of her skin, Ms. Norma can use her husband’s gift cream. Now she knows the real culprit: her MicroBiome. Too bad she lost that lucrative sequel contract.

In summary, while a bit Technical:
1. Anaphylaxis or immediate hypersensitivity occurs in minutes;
2. Delayed type hypersensitivity takes 8-12 hours or more;
3. Bacteria can double in 6-8 minutes, many can eat skin oils. Consequently symptoms occuring 30 min to 6 hours probably has bad acting MicroBiome.

Most itching and burning, has a bacterial-fungal component.

Look at the fast growth when you add olive oil to growth medium for Melassazia species, here.

You have to remove both the bacteria and food they like before you put on a cream;

1. Clean your skin thoroughly before you apply any cream. Something that can dissolve the grunge (new medical term) deep in the pores. Use Clean or Body Wash. Apply Magicalm+ 2. Mask for 1-2 min.
3. Rinse thoroughly and dry your skin thoroughly.
4. Apply a cream like Just 3+.
5. Apply a moist warm cloth after the cream to drive moisture into your skin. Ceela holds water once in the skin.

As always, please do a patch test on on your forearm first.

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