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First of all, Ceela Basic Creams Help You Have a Normal Life. The JUST Cream series – Simple, pure skin nutrition for all skin types and conditions. A minimalist approach to allergies. Minimal ingredients for maximum tolerance. Aroma-free.


For those with serious problems with many moisturizing creams…


We offer three basic creams with the fewest possible ingredients. Probably, the smaller the number of ingredients in a product, the less likely you are to be allergic or intolerant to it.


Most noteworthy, our simplest cream Just 3+ contains only one protein building block: glycine.  This amine comprises 30% of collagen. All our blood vessels, joints and ligaments contain collagen. We do not believe it is possible to have an allergic response to glycine because it is so small a molecule.


Just 3+ contains oils from Olive, Safflower, and Rice. There is only a small amount of omega 3 in the rice oil. Technically you would have to allergic to one of these oils to have an allergic response. Please contact us if you have an allergy to one of these.


Has every cream you tried caused burning/itching in a hour or so?


If many creams you tried caused itching or burning, it is may be your biome or bacteria/fungi causing it. Almost all the papers that looked show that people with atopic dermatitis frequently carry Staphylococcus aureus, a potent irritating infection waiting to happen. In addition, other microbes causing problems include candida and malassezia. Consequently, each can produce itching and burning.


In addition, Ceela urges you to cleanse your skin extra thoroughly before applying creams.  Our regimen includes facial cleansers or Body Wash.  And we advise applying Magicalm mask before you apply creams.  We recommend that you test the cleanser, Magicalm, and cream on a small area in the crease of your forearm.


Furthermore, by testing on your forearm, you can gain personal experience on what works for you. We have found our clients to truly benefit from this regimen. It is always advisable to find a physician to advise you in this process.


More simple creams with Omega 3 from Chia or Kiwi


Our next simple cream is Just 7 Chia. This comprises a basic formulation using Chia oil. We do recommend using a cream with omega 3 oils within it.  Chia is a well-known source of omega 3.


Two other simple creams use Kiwi oil as a source of omega 3.  Just 7 Kiwi is available in both oily/normal and dry/normal formulations.


We are interested in helping you find a cream you can tolerate. In conclusion,  email us if you have specific concerns not covered here.


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