Vitamin Dense Skin Care Helps

Ceela's Vitamin Skin Care Creams

Vitamin Skin Care enumerates 4 very important vitamins:

  • F (conjugated linoleate from safflower)
  • C (ascorbic acid)
  • E (tocotrienol from rice)
  • pro B5 (panthenol).

Eczema creams, Just 7  and J3 plus have only Vitamins E and F.

Therefore, Ceela's Vitamin Skin Care Creams  Hydrate, Eye Care and Body Cream offer:

  • anti-oxidants
  • free radical scavaging
  • essential PUFA's
  • Skin Hydration.

Vitamins are specific foods that we cannot make from other foods. We have to get vitamins or we become ill.

Ceela Simple Science: Safflower a Rich Source of Vitamin F.

Vitamin Skin Care

Vitamin F means CLA or conjugated linoleate. Initially discovered as an an anti-cancer agent, CLA helps muscle builders to improve muscle mass and lose fat.

As a result of careful study, Ceela adds a unique blend of essential poly-unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA's). In our experience, PUFA's and CLA improve skin, especially those who do not eat fish or supplement their diets with omega 3/9 oils.

Furthermore, the oils in Ceela contain at least one omega 3-6-9 double bond that is so important to your health. We believe that oils such as the ones we use even help the entire body. More research will be needed to validate the medical use of vitamin skin care. In summary, vitamin skin care nutrition, especially oils, may become important in treating and preventing diseases.


Vitamin Skin Care

Vitamin C participates in collagen production.


Our skin and joints do poorly without vitamin C.

The absence of vitamin C or ascorbic Acid causes a disease called scurvy.  Surviving as a cofactor Vitamin C works in many important reactions in our body. Most people know Vitamin C as an antioxidant. Vitamin C can revitalize Vitamin E after the While Vitamin E degrades scavenging free radicals, the source of aging. We know that adding Vitamin C to our creams helps nourish skin. In general, Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid serves as an antioxidant.


Vitamin E comes in two general forms:

  • Tocopherol
  • Tocotrienol

These work together with Vitamin C.  Once Tocotrienol removes the free radical, Vitamin C recycles the Tocotrienol so it can attack another free radical. This combination of vitamins E and C make the dynamic duo to reduce free radicals that age our skin. Together, vitamin E and C make a great team in skin care vitamin creams.

Rice-derived Vitamin E provides a non-soy source for vitamin skin care. Ceela products only use rice-derived vitamin E. Almost every other vitamin E available comes from wheat or soy. We have not defined the role this plays in food intolerance. The European version of the US FDA has recommended labeling soy oils and vitamin E as allergens until this is sorted out.

Vitamin Skin Care

Pro Vitamin B5, also known as panthenol, easily penetrates our skin where it becomes Vitamin B5.

Consequently, many cosmetics add panthenol to plump skin. Panthenol can also make skin soft and pleasant to touch.  Therefore, the combination of holding on to water and making skin soft to touch makes Vitamin B5 or panthenol a frequent part of skin care.

Vitamin B5, a water soluble vitamin, contributes to the soft feeling in skin. Known as Panthenol, this rich moisturizer contributes to your vitamin skin care.

In conclusion, none of these vital vitamins used by Ceela come from common allergens or corn. Ceela remains entirely vegan and non-GMO. This defines Ceela's Vitamin Skin Care.


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