Skin Nourishment by Our Founder

A Neurochemist's View of Dry Skin Care and the Undernourshed

David G. Changaris, M.D.

From the Founder & Inventor:

Working with Ceela brings a real sense of personal joy. This important and rewarding work allows me to use several diverse natural-born talents that were given to me and have served me well in my medical roles. Here are three talents that help a lot:

  1. Seeing enough to act when others cannot.
  2. Feeling pain when others suffer.
  3. Focusing for years on a problem to reduce suffering.


“I proudly present to you the first totally edible skin creams 100% free of toxic chemical surfactants for nourishment, health and beauty. They are the only products I will put on my body.”
Dr. David Changaris, MD

Starting Off a Chef

As a teen, I had aspirations to become a professional chef, but a local professor of biochemistry thought my plans were a bit misdirected. He told me if I gave up this idea, he would hire me to work in his laboratory, and I accepted. Shortly thereafter, I set my sights on college, where I majored in mathematics and medical school followed. The complexity of biochemistry and my passion for cooking blended through the years. Cooking involves chemistry and is essentially a series of chemical reactions. The structural aspect of small molecules and atoms made perfect sense and the math behind the chemical interactions flowed for me.

As my medical training continued, my research involved measuring cellular DNA. We used something called pulsed light building simple measures. With these, it became possible to also measure chemicals and lipids in the brain. This research led me to later create a system using pulsed light in human diseases, like psoriasis.

During my internship, we treated malnourished infants from Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina. These babies regained normal strength with skin application of safflower oil. This nourishing oil, applied directly on their skin, helped with incredibly positive results.

Dr. Robson, retired surgeon teaching surgical nutrition

I also met a senior retired surgeon, Dr. Robson, who further taught me how to identify surgically important malnutrition and treat these patients using elemental ingredients. All of this invaluable knowledge came back to me when developing Ceela Naturals formulas. Dr. Robson taught me how to use the simplest biochemical elements to prevent surgical infection. Later I worked in the renowned Dr. Robert Levy's Lipid Chemistry lab, finding novel peptide chemistry hidden within the lipids, or oils, of the brain.

Soon the life of neurosurgeon took over. When I became disabled due to dystonia, I left the operating room behind.

Returning to research, I developed systems for treating skin with ultraviolet light with pulsed light therapies. These treatments cause severely dry skin. Leading patients to use moisturizers for relief. But, most moisturizers contain chemicals that would cause skin cancer if irradiated with ultraviolet light. This remains an unacceptable risk. Knowing this, I immediately set out to formulate an ultraviolet-safe moisturizer.

Starting Ceela

Surely, this would be a quick, easy fix. After all, I had studied fat and oil protein chemistry for years and worked in one of the first regional lipid chemistry labs, writing papers and getting national grants. I had also worked and published papers in photochemistry. And I had a knack for synthetic chemistry (some call this ‘cooking’), enjoying thinking about how molecules fit together. I could do this!

Boy, was I wrong!

To my surprise, it took years searching for ingredients that would form an emulsion or cream without the chemicals linked to skin cancer. Finally, I looked at oils and proteins our body naturally contains. I learned that oils with a conjugated placement of double bonds can create emulsions of variable stability. Voila! A safe, pure moisturizing emulsion for patients undergoing light therapy was born! And we patented this.

Then I learned my wife has a serious soy allergy. Her skin developed a poison ivy-like allergic reaction after a physician gave her a cream containing soy! Suddenly common allergens became very important to me. I realized how important allergen-free ingredients in skin care products were. I began formulating simple creams she could safely use, containing only 100% soy-free ingredients. We quickly adopted the philosophy to also avoid the “Top 8” allergens: soy, dairy, gluten, nuts, tree nuts, animal products, fish, shellfish, or corn.

Where to Manufacture Ceela?

Problem was, I could not find a laboratory facility to build my creams that were not cross contaminated with common allergens. So I purchased my own building and rebuilt the insides to the specifications of a modern pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. I had to be able to personally guarantee that any skincare formulation, given to my wife, never even came close to a common allergen. Corn became an allergen for another family member, so we added it to the list of things not allowed into the manufacturing facility.

The Ceela Naturals family of products proved to be perfectly safe for those with food allergies. We also discovered they helped psoriasis, acne and eczema conditions. Skin benefits from both the nutritional support provided and also by the common allergen-free purity. The conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) found in our products is naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal and our U.S. patent approval process continued for these revolutionary formulations.

In 2011 we received an award to develop our products for burn victims thru the NIH Qualified Therapeutic Experimental Products program. The application of Ceela to burn treatment is still under development and holds great promise.

My personal commitment to ‘pure and natural’ continues. As a biochemist, it makes no sense to put whole apples or mangos on the skin. Our skin cannot digest these. The real miracles are found in the molecules. As we eat these nutrients become molecules. We at Ceela use these molecules to provide the nutrient value on a molecular level.  Applying purified chemicals, small enough with the right properties, will provide positive changes in how your skin appears, like safflower oil on malnourished skin.

Ceela Simple Science Grows

Simple Science + Pure, Safe Ingredients = Beautiful, Healthy Skin

In Ceela Naturals, you will only find pure, naturally occurring ingredients. Our skin can use these for optimal health and beauty. I personally hand-pick every ingredient to ensure they are part of normal and natural human life. We have chosen to market these simple revolutionary formulas as a cosmetic. To say they change the structure or function of skin would be to claim these products were a drug. With this in mind, Ceela offers nutrient rich skincare to beautify and help with allergies by simple avoidance. One step further, Ceela Naturals manufactures and distributes nutrient rich skin care to beautify without common allergens or corn.

I proudly present to you the first totally edible skin creams 100% free of toxic chemical surfactants for nourishment, health, and beauty. They are the only products I will put on my body.

David Changaris, MD

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