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Phenoxyethanol a known Estrogen Mimic Preservative

Phenoxyethanol a known estrogen mimic and antibiotic preservative

First. phenoxyethanol a known estrogen mimic has antibiotic preservative qualities. Consequently it has replaced the standby preservative, Parabens.  The bad publicity surrounding parabens forced the change.  The preservative Phenoxyethanol has antibiotic qualities. Therefore  it to will eventually cause  the development of super bacteria and molds resistant to them. 

Phenoxyethanol a known estrogen mimic now used as a preservative has serious science against it

Consider that we know some important things about phenoxyethanol.  NOw many companies use this preservative and potential allergen in thousands of  cosmetics and personal care products. Phenoxyethanol hurts the brain and nerves, aka neurotoxic,.  Furthermored it can cause nodular reactions at sites of injection. Ingestion may induce CNS and respiratory depression, vomiting and diarrhea in infants. Finally, the mixture of phenoxyethanol has multiplying problems when mixed with other ingredients. Surprises may occur, we know this happens, particularly when combined with chlorphenesin.

Just say “no” to Phenoxyethanol

In conclusion, stay away from these chemicals. They can cause much nausea and distress. Above all else, Ceela products contain no artificial preservatives and can be used for most cosmetic purposes.Ceela always strives to produce natural products. By natural we mean they are part of our body.Rarely we use non-human bulk carriers in scrubs that have a vary low likelihood of absorption. Because of this,  these products help by nourishing and producing good health.

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