Dedicated Common Allergen Free Skincare Manufacturing

Dedicated Common Allergen Free Skincare Manufacturing means no common allergens or corn ever touches the equipment used to manufacture or bottle the products. This is important to prevent contamination of products, which happens far too often in today’s skincare market.

Dedicated Common Allergen Free Skincare ManufacturingTo put things into perspective, every other major manufacturer shares skincare lines. So, one time they use soy containing products. The next time they do not. Then, they will label the second product “soy free”. This is a real problem. Because they do not clean the line down to bare metal, the second product becomes contaminated with the first product due to remnants of the first being pushed through. Simply discarding a few samples between runs never produces a clean second product. Ceela Never Shares Manufacturing Lines. The Best Part: Our Dedicated Common Allergen Free Skincare Manufacturing Site contains absolutely no common allergens.

Equipment at our manufacturing site never-ever touches common allergens, corn or animal products because of our thorough policies and the amount of care we put into our products. Just about every skin care manufacturer shares manufacturing lines. In the food industry, you have to warn people if you use allergens in the same line of equipment. Skincare manufacturers do not have to tell you this. Cross contamination between lines is common.

Ceela gives people with sensitive skin or eczema a wonderful opportunity for skin hydration while eliminating unwanted reactions. As a result, Ceela goes further and deeper into purity than most anyone.

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