Parabens  Cause Weak Estrogen Activity

First consider, parabens cause weak estrogen activity. They also kill bacteria. Parabens stop living processes. Some say the estrogen effect has little physiologic effect. Yet, most recommend avoiding parabens if you have an estrogen sensitive cancer. Second,  many big companies rely on this cheap and effective preservative. Without this chemical many products could not be made acceptable for open container use.

On the other hand, the killing of bacteria make parabens effective preservatives. parabens cause weak estrogen activity This killing happens at a low amount. Some point out it takes much more paraben to generate the estrogen effects.

Therefore, the small amounts of parabens present in many products, by all accounts will not kill you today. Why does Ceela Naturals not use parabens or artificial preservatives?

Because we respectfully disagree. Repetitive low level use may have effects in many people.

Many Chemicals in our Environment Mimic Estrogen

Most people list Parabens as environmental estrogen mimic. Parabens get across placenta into baby. Some think this could affect sexual orientation. Others worry about breast and prostate cancer. But so many chemicals in our environment, including Natural Lavender, have profound estrogen effects (breasts in little boys.) Above all else, these effects may produce irreversible psychological effects.

Parabens are weak estrogen mimics. You can avoid them if you chose to avoid them. And you side-step the concern if you have estrogen issues or any cancer. While long term exposures at low concentrations has not been fully explored. The fact that so many products use parabens produces an additive effect. An additive additive effect that we as a culture just do not want to confront.

Avoiding Estrogen Mimics Makes Sense if…

Parabens are weak estrogen mimics… If you have breast cancer,  parabens are a “no-no” absolutely for now. Consider, parabens can make certain cancers grow faster.

All this means parabens cause weak estrogen activity. And many other environmental hazards have similar acitivity. Simply put, we can choose to avoid parabens in skin care. Additionally, we have little knowledge of important things. For example, we do not know how  such estrogen mimics and  noxious agents as formaldehyde effect health.  Formaldehyde remains a most common preservative in cosmetics.

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