Preservative Free Skincare: Airless Pumps Plus


Preservative Free Skincare


preservative free skincare

First of all, Ceela means preservative free skincare.

There is No "silver bullet" preservative. All preservatives have problems. So Ceela does not use them.

Fact: Some preservatives cause eczema. Others may disorder the sexual nature of a baby.
Fact: Some can increase the breasts of young males.
Fact: Some have Fertility issues.


Things Not in Preservative Free Skincare


Parabens. Examples:

Germaben II. Methylparben. ... EWG GRADE: 4

Formaldahyde Releasers. Examples:

DMDM Hydantoin. ...EWG GRADE: 7

Isothiazolinones. Examples:

Kathon. ...EWG GRADE: 4

Phenoxyethanol. Examples:

Optiphen, Optiphen Plus. ...EWG GRADE: 4-5

Organic acids. Examples:

Benzoic Acid/Sodium Benzoate. ...EWG GRADE: 3



Issues Underlying Preservative Free Skincare

The preservative guidelines for cosmetics assume normal skin to be present.

But no one has normal skin all the time.

As a result we will put a preservative on skin with impaired barrier function.

Consequently, these preservative chemicals can with the help of vaccine derived detergents really bother us.

Most of all, Ceela encourages "normal skin homeostasis": because we have no artificial preservatives. We want to encourage our normal flora.

Preservatives kill everything.

Our biome (The collection of bacteria) keeps the in peace with our body. Our skin has 30,000 different species living on it. Some bacteria or molds are waiting to grow in an aggressive way. This is why antibiotics can give you a candida infection.

Most noteworthy, many think eczema in part results from staphylococcus aureus. Dilute bleach baths have long been the main stay of treating these children. It works for many.

Especially relevant: having clean, freshly washed skin helps when you use preservative free skin care. Before applying nutrient creams we need clean skin. This is a must for sensitive clients. Our cleansers and MagiCalm will increase your chance to over come sensitivities. Consequently doing all this helps to make for pleasant preservative free skincare.


Packaging contributes to Preservative Free Skincare

First of all, Ceela Airless Packaging Reduces Risk of user contamination. Our creams use airless packaging systems. This keeps your "fingers out of the jar". Creating preservative free skincare means doing things without chemicals.

Ceela Naturals relies on airless pump packaging. Also we manufacture in a very clean environment. We culture every batch with meticulous microbial study. We have developed formulae that meet the stringent standards challenge testing defined by the FDA BAM.

Most of all, our products have natural preservative qualities. We expect them to remain free of contamination during the life of our product. However natural products do best at 45-55 degrees fahrenheit. If you want to keep them at room temperature, use them within 30 days after opening.

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