Natural Soy Free Skin Care vs World of Soy

Natural Soy Free Skin Care Prevents Food Allergies in Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis (AD)

Putting Soy on eczema creates or worsens food allergies. Creams containing soy may cause or make your food allergy worse:

From Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery:

“… the skin barrier defect in AD [Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema] may allow  for easier and earlier sensitization of food and airborne allergens; therefore, exposure of food proteins on AD skin may act as a risk factor for development of food allergies.”

Scientists now believe lotions with common food allergens cause food allergies. All agree: avoid soy when you have eczema.  But know that in the USA soy may be the toughest allergen to avoid.

Cosmetics that contain Soy Bean Oil Do not have to tell you for two reasons:

Reason # 1: Our FDA believes  “most” people do not have a problem with highly refined soy oil. Consequently we have the federal Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA)  that exempts manufactures from listing soy bean oil on the label.. This means that vitamin E derived from soy can be sold in food or cosmetics without labelling it “soy”.  If you buy packaged food on the shelf of any major food chain, you are more likely than not eating soy derived vitamin E tocopherol.

Reason #2: Our FDA does not require cosmetic manufacturers to use the word “Soy” for soy protein in in skin care. Hence you find words like “soja” or “sojapropamide” in the ingredient list. Caveat Emptor! (that’s buyer beware… you are on your own.)

One soul we know with severe gluten intolerance cannot eat beef raised on wheat grain. Another friend cannot eat eggs raised on soy feed. The trouble with statistics: if you are the one in a million, you have it 100%. “Most” does not help these people.

Moreover,  both Amazon and Google still show “soy” containing skin care  when you search for “soy free skin care”. So be very careful on this issue.  Even the words “plant-based” and “vegetable” are growing in disinformation. If it is labelled “vegetable” glycerin it could be 10% soy and 90% animal derived. After all peanut butter only has to contain 10% peanuts.


How to Avoid Soy Products.
Natural Soy Free Skin Care
To emphasize, just about any food with vitamin E contains soy.

Almost all commercial food and skin grade vitamin E tocopherol comes from Soy. Specialty food stores and reading labels help avoid. Therefore, avoiding all foods and skincare with soy becomes the main focus.

While simple this does not mean easy. In summary, you know where to find soy free skin care. For us, Soy-free skin care means Ceela Naturals.


Natural Soy Free Skin Care
Allergy Elimination Diets help with eczema: soy remains a major concern



Does someone with soy food allergies need to be concerned with skin care products?
Yes! Therefore you need an added warning…

About a third of patients with atopic dermatitis or eczema have soy antibodies….

In summary we know that putting soy on rashes can cause a food allergy. Therefore, food allergies may start with skin care containing food allergens. Using Natural Soy free skin care will reduce skin related soy allergies.


Ceela’s Natural Soy Free Skin Care offers people two important opportunities:


First Ceela Natural Soy Free Skin Care reduces the chance of you developing or worsening a low grade food intolerance to soy.

Men may not embrace soy due to the natural phytoestrogens in soy.

But women enjoy soy. In many ways phyto-estrogen provides a sense of well being. So putting soy containing creams on a rash if you are a woman may create a soy allergy if you do it enough. From one perspective, spend enough time in the woods you will eventually become allergic to posion ivy. Your skin may be one of the most important routes to become soy allergic.

The Second aspect of  Natural Soy Free Skin Care helps those with bona fide soy intolerance.

Few creams offer the complete assurance of being entirely soy free. Our manufacturing equipment never sees soy or soy derived ingredients.

Consider that avoiding eating all soy helps those with soy food intolerance, especially children. And the adults we know  feel lousy for days when soy inadvertently shows up in foods. We at Ceela offer Natural Soy Free Skin Care because we know it makes a difference to these people.

Our recommendation: no soy in cosmetics with any skin rashes!

To Summarize:
•  Putting soy on rashes can create food allergies;
•  Ingredients from soy are in most skin care products;
•  Only healthy ingredients power skin to beauty in Ceela;
•  Help your food allergies with Natural-Soy-Free-Skin Care.

Ceela allows no soy ingredients in our manufacturing facility. We go deeper and farther than most everyone in reducing allergen risk. Cosmetics with soy can cause “Poison Ivy” like rashes or feeling “blah.” The symptoms related to soy exposure are discussed by the Mayo Clinic:


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