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If you have eczema, you need to avoid Formaldehyde-Releasers.  When formadehyde is released it binds irreversibly with proteins and other cell components. All pregnant women should also avoid these chemicals.

Formaldehyde-Releasers release the toxin formadehyde.

This type of preservative is one of the big problems with preservatives. Many preservatives kill bacteria and mold by becoming formaldehyde, which is very toxic. Many countries will not allow this because formaldehyde is a known cancer risk.

Formaldehyde A Known Carcinogen

From (American Cancer Society): “Exposure to formaldehyde has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory test animals. Exposure to relatively high amounts of formaldehyde in medical and occupational settings has been linked to some types of cancer in humans, but the effect of exposure to small amounts is less clear.”

Bottom line, if you care about your health, remove preservatives from your diet and skin care regimen. You will feel the difference. Ceela helps you with this dilemma.

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