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Exfoliants Gentle Effective

Exfoliants Gentle Effective

Exfoliants Gentle Effective

Our Exfoliants/Cleansers, Resolve & Renew and Clean-S, clarify normal skin and eczema. They are safe for Normal skin and Eczema-type skin and are kept simple and efficient to  treat body & face effectively. The ease of use is welcoming as they are wash-off products and safe for at-home use.

Above all else, these are Advanced Bland Certified. You will find nothing dubious. Each begins with a common allergen-free environment and materials. In addition, our water is purified enough for hospital treatments. The Salicylic Acid and Citric Acid used in these products are some of the safest exfoliants in cosmetics.

Consider that both are free of common food allergens including corn, sesame, and sunflower. You need not worry about creating a food allergy. At last, you will continue to enjoy the staples of our diet.

Finally, these Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and non-GMO products meet the concerns of many people. You need not worry about offending with Ceela Products.

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All statements made on this website are not meant to diagnose or treat medical disease except where explicitly stated. We manufacture several “Over The Counter” medications as registered with the FDA. None of the statements herein have been reviewed or approved by the FDA.

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