How Skin Care Upsets GI

Skin Care Upsets GI:  Allergens onto Eczema

We know Skin Care Upsets GI has real Science and Medical support. But not every physician knows this yet. General acceptance will take some time.Skin Care Causes Upset GI

Skin Care Upsets GI: Do Vaccine Ingredients in Skin Care Matter?

Most of all Skin Care Upsets GI because the chemicals used in them were designed for vaccines.  The sorbitans and sulfated fats make vaccines into super “black belted ninja” allergens. Specifically,  vaccines cause our body to make antibodies and killer lymphocytes. Unfortunately, these same well-known detergents may help develop antibodies to common allergens.  Allergists have recommended to use skin care without common allergens.

Knowing that Skin Care Upsets GI seems relevant but not enough people understand. This is a real public health concern. Ceela believes we need to stop making skin creams with the same detergents we use in our vaccines. Using the vaccine detergents/surfactants seems an unnecessary risk. Consequently, the combination of eczema or atopic dermatitis, creams made with common allergens containing these detergents creates a real public health concern.

The represents the best allergists. The advice from them is especially relevant.  Ceela agrees  that people with eczema or atopic dermatitis should not put common allergens on their skin.

Skin Care Upsets GI; Food Allergies cause Skin Problems

 Which Came First?

As a result, Skin Care Causes Upset GImany people have to avoid all skin care. They have experienced the perfect storm of common allergens, vaccine detergents, and eczema.

In conclusion, the small print for the ingredients on the label is obscure.  Together, the size and the complexity of the ingredient names makes it harder.

Because sojapropamide represents the “garbage soy protein left after processing”, you need to know this word.

Soy in Skin Care Upsets GI for many

Trying to avoid Soy?

  • Sojapropamide, soja and soja protein all are soy derivatives.
  • Almost all commercial Vitamin E tocopherol is derived from soy or wheat.
  • By Federal Regulation, food manufacturers do not need to tell you if their vegetable oil comes from soy, wheat, or peanuts.

Consequently, to avoid soy, use Ceela’s Gluten Soy Nut Dairy Cruelty Free Vegan Skin Care. Most of all do not eat processed foods in the United States.

Furthermore, physicians now have proof that milk on skin can make you unable to drink milk safely. In conclusion, never put common allergen or corn containing creams on itching, red skin.

Be aware of what is in common skin care products.

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