ONLY Ceela Has US Patent Protected Surfactant-Free Creams

ONLY Ceela Has US Patent Protected Surfactant-Free Creams

Surfactants (detergents) act as a bridge to hold water and oil based ingredients together. This allows products to have years of shelf life. Also, this is why we do not want to eat foods with long shelf lives unless we have to. We believe putting these totally unnatural preservative chemicals in our bodies and on our skin is unhealthy.

Ceela has no synthetic unnatural detergents or surfactants to hold its emulsions or creams together.

Surfactants can perturb our normal cells.  They also can make us allergic to the ingredients in lotions and creams. Read more about this here. Once in the body, surfactants can keep disordering our internal structures. Some have even been found in breast tissue. We believe the absence of surfactants in our creams allows your body to have healthy beautiful skin without any enhanced risk of developing food allergies.

Ceela has spent more than 10 years bringing you creams without these unnatural chemicals. The lack of preservatives does, however, mean Ceela creams have a shorter shelf life than other skincare. We recommend using our creams within 4 months after opening. These are food quality products after all. To ensure the purest product possible, we use an airless pump system and a clean room environment to manufacture our creams.

Here is our patent on surfactant free emulsions or creams. Check it out: US Patent 7,074,418