Apply Ceela Naturals Creams Secret

The Secret on How to Apply Ceela Naturals Creams

Learning how to apply Ceela naturals creams will make a big difference. The creams soften and spread as they warm up.  So, putting the cream first in your palm and mixing it will jump start this process. This makes spreading much easier.


Next, apply Ceela's nutrient creams with the "dot and spread" technique (see the video on our front page). We offer powerful hydration only associated with conjugated linoleate (CLA), a water loving oil. It only a takes about a 1/5 teaspoon to cover the entire face. A little goes a long way


Manage your Biome: Cleanse and Magicalm Mask

Also important for those with a long history of allergies to skin care, please cleanse with Clean or Body Wash, Tone (optional), and apply Magicalm Mask for several minutes. Wash the mask off, dry skin and apply creams as tolerated. Spritzing or applying a warm moist cloth after applying creams will extend the hydrating feeling for hours.


We all have a microbiome of bacteria and fungi on our skin that can use natural ingredients to grow. By cleansing your skin thoroughly first, you give your skin a chance to absorb the creams instead of your microbiome. Therefore, you can avoid itching and burning related to your microbiome.

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