Clear Salve: Ceela Naturals Proactiv Alternative

Clear Salve: Ceela Naturals Proactiv Alternative

Clear Salve: Ceela Naturals Proactiv Alternative provides a clear difference on supporting ingredients.

Ceela Naturals Alternative to Proactive for Acne

Both Ceela Clear Salve and Proactiv contain 2% Salicylic Acid as an FDA “Over The Counter” active ingredient.  Salicylic acid has a long history for being an effective acne treatment. The FDA regulates the manufacture and purity of the salicylic acid used in both products. Bland Skincare principles mean not using preservatives that have any potential for harm when applied to challanged skin. 

Clear Salve: Preservative Free

Ceela Clear Salve has only 5 natural ingredients:

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
Vitamin B3
Olive Vit E
and two protein building blocks:
glycine and aspartate


All of these have the highest safety grades on the watch dog ingredient database, EWG. People buy these ingredients as nutritional supplements. This product also contains no corn, sesame, or common food allergens.  Clear Salve has no preservatives in it.

Proactiv contains 4 Major Preservatives: Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerol, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate

Proactiv Deep Cleansing wash has at least 27 supporting ingredients. Eight (8) of these ingredients fail to rank in the highest safety level by EWG. Most problematic is the use of Phenoxyethanol, a synthetic preservative. Products cannot become an “EWG verified” if you use phenoxyethanol.

We absorb up to 85% phenoxyethanol applied to the skin.  But many claim that 1% phenoxyethanol is even safe for children. For us, there are two considerations. First, we do not use phenoxyethanol in our human physiology (we can degrade it). The second is that phenoxyethanol can interact with a dramatic increase in cellular damage when phenoxyethanol is mixed with Ethylhexylglycerol. Proactiv contains ethylhexylglycerol and phenoxyehanol. Since it is likely that  Ethylhexylglycol will also be asorbed, the prospect of human toxicity is not out of the question.

Proactiv also contains sodium benzoate or benzoic acid has a long track record we review it here.

Proactiv also contains potassium sorbate. This ingredient can cause skin and eye irritation. More problematic is its potential for damaging DNA in our body. 

Why Proactiv contains 4 dubious preservatives is unclear. We think you should avoid them. So try Ceela Clear Salve, nothing dubious and clearly effective. 



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